1:1 Executive Coaching

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The 1:1 executive coaching experience focuses on one on one coaching.  My clients benefit from my candid approach that uses both data driven assessments and very practical application of systems thinking. 

As you begin the practical portion of your work, you will develop more insight leading to more growth. The feedback from our coaching work will increase your awareness.  It's pretty common for my clients to be surprised by how quickly they begin adopting these methods.  Some even experience practicing my methods as feeling more natural after initial tentative practice.

The biggest predictor of whether this works for you will be how well you and I work together. This coach to client teamwork develops over time as well as I hone in on what kind of feedback works for you as well.

The first step begins with a complimentary consultation to determine if working together would be a good fit for both os us. Please shoot me an email and I will send you a link to my calendar.