Employee Wellbeing, Engagement and Burnout Prevention

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Have you ever enjoyed taking a sales call?  Human nature defaults to risk aversion.  So, even if your managers agree changes must happen-they will resist the change!  This pattern of resistance is the standard not the exception.  Expect the feet dragging, but how bad can it be?

So bad that many executives throw up their hands, layoff  or sideline existing managers and hire new team members even though they lack institutional knowledge and take months to train. 

That's pretty extreme but also common. What if executive coaching could save you from having to do that? What if executive coaching could help you lead using your own innate capabilities?

Focusing on addressing employee wellbeing by figuring out what your employees believe your business does well can go a long way to maximizing that asset. Additionally employees who are engaged really do produce more innovation over and above their written job responsibilities. Engaged employees are not mailing it in, but feel energized and connected to their work. 

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