Team Coaching and Employee Surveys

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This package can added to Individual Coaching or can be used as a health check for employee engagement and wellness. The survey draws on a vast national data base and provides complete anonymity which improves the accuracy and usefulness of the data.  

This data can help you pinpoint particular areas for you to begin addressing to improve employee outcomes. It also may help you discover changes in employee expectations from when you ascended the ranks.  Millennials and Gen Z employees have very different expectations from employment. Laugh if you want; however, these outlooks will hold true over time, because they are systemic.  It's important to understand these emerging generations of mangers and leaders to lead and develop them.

You can run follow up surveys to track progress in targeted goals at times of your choosing throughout the contracted period.  This allows executives to get a real insider information on employees along with a coach to explore what the statistics really mean for your business.  These surveys can be for groups as small as five or six employees into larger groups in the hundreds. Each with its own subgrouping. 

With the survey complete, you can decide with our input which development areas to focus on and how to leverage the strengths of your organization to power the change process.